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How to stop Windows update in windows 10, Set manually, Stop update permanently

The biggest question for windows 10 users is how to stop Windows update in windows 10? On Windows 10, Microsoft has pushed cumulative updates to their user which is automatically downloaded and installed automatically. Although this automatic approach allows devices to receive security updates to patch vulnerabilities, improve performance, and bring enhancements without user interaction.

But typically, some updates contain bugs that can negatively affect the system in many ways. Where users can face application compatibility problems, Driver problems, Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), and they require a restart to complete the installation that can disrupt the user workflow. But if you don’t want to Update your Windows 10 System automatically then this guide is for you. In this Windows 10 guide, I will show you how to stop windows update in windows 10 and also show you how to stop windows update in windows 10 permanently.

How to stop windows update in windows 10

This method can help you to stop the update and you can update your system when you want. Basically, when you connect to the internet, Windows recognized that you have a very good high-speed unlimited internet connection. And that’s why you have to set your connection on limited priority. For doing that follow the steps.

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1st. Goto Windows 10 Setting menu.

2nd. goto Network and Internet

stop windows 10 update
Network and Internet Setting

Up next Click on WiFi (If you are connected using Wifi) or Click on Ethernet (If you using LAN) – (1).

Next click on the WiFi Profile or LAN Profile (Shown in the picture no-2).

stop windows 10 update

Now turn on ‘Set as metered connection’.

stop windows 10 update

Now restart the system if it still using your Internet. Otherwise, you are good to go. Now your system won’t update the latest Windows update automatically. Whenever you want to update your system just go to Setting > Windows Update > and Check for Updates.

Now if you want to stop the Windows update permanently follow the steps down below.

How to stop windows update in windows 10 permanently

If you want to stop your Windows 10 Updates permanently then follow these steps. This allows you to stop Windows Update permanently.

1st. Right-click on This pc and click on Manage

or Open windows search and search for Computer Management.

stop windows 10 update

Then go to ‘Services and Applications’.

stop windows 10 update
Services and Applications

Now go to Services.

stop windows 10 update

Then Scroll down and search for Windows Update and open it.

Windows update
Windows Update Service

Next click on the Stop button (if your system running on a windows update).

And select Disabled and click on Apply. This process will disable the Windows Update permanently.

Stop Windows 10 Update parmanently

By following these steps you can Stop Windows 10 updates and set them manually or you can permanently stop updates on your system.

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