NewsModified USB-C iPhone sold for $86,001, Approx. 63.98 lakh

Modified USB-C iPhone sold for $86,001, Approx. 63.98 lakh

Ken Pillonel, the YouTuber-cum-engineer started a project where he put a USB-C port on his iPhone X. That project has now turned into a major windfall for the device’s creator after an auction for the world’s first USB-C iPhone ended with a winning bid of $86,001.

Story of USB-C iPhone

Back in September, Ken Pillonel a YouTuber cum Engineer started a project where he put a USB-C port on his iPhone X. Pillonel says he reverse-engineered Apple’s C94 connector, in order to make a PCB with a female USB-C port. He also had to create a custom circuit board to go inside the iPhone while modifying the iPhone’s chassis to fit the USB-C port’s slightly larger connector.

And finally, on October 9, Ken shared a YouTube Shorts video to announce that the project has been successful. He successfully modified an iPhone with USB-C This connector is capable of full data transfer and charging capabilities.

Later on, Ken share a full in-depth video on his channel about this modified USB-C iPhone X.

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After successfully creating the world’s first working USB-C iPhone, Ken Pillonel put the phone up for auction on eBay. However, as impressive as the project is, it was unclear where the final price would land.

USB-C iPhone sold for $86K

The initial bidding of the USB-C iPhone X started out around $1,000. Later on, bids quickly jumped up to $30,000 before eventually hitting $80,000, and that’s not including a few bids over $100,000 that was later retracted. A total of 116 bids were placed, most of which came within the first three days. But the official bids were officially closed this morning with a winning bid of $86,001.

Ken Pillonel guarantees that the modified iPhone is functional, but he warned against restoring, updating, or erasing the device. He also said the buyer should not use that heavily modified iPhone as their primary device and stipulated that its case not be opened.

“So basically you can do whatever you want with it but don’t expect anything from me if you break something. It is just a prototype,” – Ken Pillonel said in the listing’s description.

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