NewsWorld's first iPhone with USB C Port: Thanks to This Engineer

World’s first iPhone with USB C Port: Thanks to This Engineer

Nowadays, every modern smartphone has a USB Type-C port except Apple. You can’t find any iPhone with USB C Port now. Although Apple has given Type-C port in some of their Expensive iPads like iPad Pro and less expensive iPad Mini 6. But they are still giving old lightning ports to all their iPhones.

An Engineering student has been modified to use a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port, in a project that hints at what to expect from the often-rumored port changeover.

iPhone with USB C Port Story

Named Ken Pillonel, the YouTuber-cum-engineer started this project a few months ago. In a YouTube Short titled “World’s First USB-C iPhone,” Ken Pillonel claims to have installed the component into the iPhone X, replacing the Lightning port in the process.

Although this project was not an easy task, Ken did the necessary research and testing to make it work and ended up adding a USB-C port to the iPhone X. In the description of the video, Pillonel says he reverse-engineered Apple’s C94 connector, in order to make a PCB with a female USB-C port. After the schematics were set in place, it then became a challenge to shrink it down and install it into an iPhone.

Ken also shares his idea in his in-depth blog post, where he says that he had to do some work to put a USB-C port on his iPhone X. The main idea was to convert the male end of a USB-C to Lightning cable into a female port and “make the whole thing fit inside the iPhone.”

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A late September update advised he had designed and ordered a flexible PCB, a key component in enabling the port switch to occur. However, the engineer found a way to make it all work, after studying the Type-C specification documentation and the internals of a few cables.

You can check out the whole research and development process of the project ‘iPhone with USB C Port‘ in Pillonel’s YouTube video attached right here. And finally, on October 9, Ken shared a YouTube Shorts video to announce that the project has been successful. You can check out the video showcasing the USB-C iPhone X right below.

iPhone with USB C Port Video

As you can see, the USB-C port on Ken’s iPhone X works just like any other USB-C port. It works for charging as well as data transfer and it is becoming the world’s first iPhone with USB C Port.



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