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TutorialsHow to Take Screenshots in Incognito Mode on Android

How to Take Screenshots in Incognito Mode on Android

Are you curious about how to take screenshots in Incognito Mode, one of the most privacy-focused features of Chrome and Brave browsers? We’ve got the answers you need! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to capture screenshots discreetly while browsing privately.

Why Screenshot in Incognito Mode?

Before doing the steps, let’s quickly understand why you might want to take screenshots in Incognito Mode. Incognito Mode, available in popular browsers like Chrome and Brave, which is designed to protect user’s online privacy by not saving their browsing history or cookies. However, there are many situations when you may need to capture what’s on your screen while in this mode for research, security concerns, or private conversations.”

Learn more about how private browsing works.

How you can Take Screenshots in Incognito Mode

Follow these simple steps to enable the Incognito Screenshot feature in both Chrome and Brave browsers:

  1. Open Google Chrome or Brave Browser on your Smartphone.
  2. Access Chrome Flags: In the browser, type chrome://flags in the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Search for Incognito Screenshot: Once you’re on the flags page, look for the search bar labeled “Search flags.” Just type “Incognito Screenshot” into the search box and hit Enter.
  4. Enable the Option: You will now see an option related to Incognito Screenshot. By default, it might be set to ‘Default.’ Click on the dropdown menu next to it and switch the setting to ‘Enable.’
  5. Relaunch Your Browser: After enabling the feature, you’ll need to relaunch your browser for the changes to take effect.
take screenshots in Incognito Mode

Now you have successfully enabled the Incognito Screenshot feature, and you are ready to take screenshots in Incognito Mode. Once you have followed the above steps and relaunched your browser, capturing screenshots in Incognito Mode becomes as easy as taking screenshots in regular mode. As normally use your device’s standard screenshot shortcut to take screenshots.

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