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GamingEvil Dead The Game is Free For a Limited Time: Grab Now

Evil Dead The Game is Free For a Limited Time: Grab Now

Evil Dead The Game is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game that pits 4 Survivors against 1 Demon. But unlike many other games in the category, the Demon isn’t an impossibly difficult threat that survivors need to run and hide from. Instead, they’re more of an overseer, attempting to disrupt and prevent the survivors from completing their objectives. While the Survivors are actively moving around, looting, and engaged in combat fighting back the Deadite hordes.

Evil Dead The Game Features

Iconic Characters: Play as characters from throughout the Evil Dead franchise and work together in a game loaded with over-the-top co-op and PVP multiplayer action. Characters including Ash, Scotty, Lord Arthur, Kelly Maxwell, & more, with new dialogue performed by Bruce Campbell & others.

Play As Good or Evil: Fight for the forces of good or take control of the Kandarian Demon to hunt Ash & others while possessing Deadites, the environmental objects & more as you seek to swallow their souls.

Over-the-top Visuals: Whether you’re tearing a Deadite in 2 with Ash’s chainsaw hand or flying across the map as the Kandarian Demon, realistic visuals & physics-based gore bring the horror to life.

This…Is My Boomstick: Brandish your short barrel shotgun, chainsaw, cleavers, and more to do some delightfully gruesome violence against the armies of darkness.

Evil Deal The Game Trailer

How to Get Evil Dead The Game for Free?

You can now get this game for free on Epic Games for a limited time. This offer will expire on 24th November 2022. But here is the catch, once you buy the get at zero cost, It will remain in your account for lifetime. Follow the steps to get Evil Dead the Game for free.

  1. Visit the Epic Games store and search for Evil Dead: The Game. Or you can directly visit by clicking this link.
  2. Now login to Epic Games using Epic Game ID or Facebook, Google, or any method given. And if you don’t have an Epic Games ID, then you can easily create one using your email by simply clicking on Sign Up.
  3. Now click on the Get button, and complete your purchase without any cost.
  1. And finally, the game is yours. You can now download the game and start playing.

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