NewsCrypto mining in Tesla: Owner Made $800 Per Month for free

Crypto mining in Tesla: Owner Made $800 Per Month for free

Crypto mining in Tesla cars is not officially recommended. It can void the warranty of your Tesla.

No doubt, Tesla Cars are the most futuristic car in the market right now. Also, recently Tesla Cross $1 Trillion market value, read the full story here. Coming to the story ‘Crypto mining in Tesla’ is sound-wired. You already know that Crypto mining uses so much energy to run the system. But Tesla owner Siraj doing something with his Tesla to get free energy for crypto mining.

Story of Crypto mining in Tesla Car

Siraj Raval figured out a way to use the energy from his electric vehicle to power a cryptocurrency mining operation that yielded up to $800 per month in Ethereum. Siraj Raval has used his 2018 Tesla Model 3 to run a free crypto mining software on his Apple Mac mini M1 and earn $800 (approximately ₹60,000) a month during the peak crypto boom early in 2021.

How Crypto mining in Tesla Car possible?

Raval claims that he powered the computer by plugging an inverter into the 12-volt center console power socket. He connects his Mac mini M1 and five interconnected graphics processing units (GPU) to the frunk of his Tesla Model 3. Which runs these machines from the electric sedan’s internal battery power. This system makes Crypto mining in Tesla possible.

Crypto mining in Tesla model 3 for free

Tesla Model 3 is already built to deliver more than 100 kWh which can provide sufficient energy to run mining rigs for full days. The move is very similar to the idea of electric vehicles powering the grid and other electrical appliances when required. The Ford F150 Electic also has the same feature. Also, Several automakers such as Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota are working on such technologies when their electric vehicles will be able to reverse power to the grid or electric appliances when required.

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In the beginning, Tesla gives a lifetime of free supercharging for customers’ cars but now Tesla offers free supercharging for the first year. Also, sometimes they give free charging for many festive offers. That means users can charge their Tesla for free after doing the mining. The supercharger can charge a tesla to run up to 200 miles in just 15 minutes.

These moves risked Siraj voiding the car’s warranty, but he claims that ‘the effort was worth it. Mining from a Tesla was after all just like connecting the computer to any other power source.’ This is probably the first time a Tesla has been used to mine bitcoins.

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