NewsAndroid apps on Windows 11 first look has been leaked

Android apps on Windows 11 first look has been leaked

Recently Microsoft has officially launched their Windows 11. Where it borrows heavily from Google’s lightweight desktop design with new UI, animations, and many more changes. But the most exciting feature that Microsoft announced is the Native support of Android Apps.

But with the official update of Windows 11, the native support of android apps didn’t come with the official update. But recently Microsoft’s Android Subsystem for Windows 11 is expected to enter beta testing this year and screenshots of the unreleased feature recently leaked online.

Android apps on Windows 11

Microsoft is partnering with Amazon for native Android apps support on Windows 11. As per Microsoft, they used Intel Bridge technology to bring it on Windows 11. Users can access the Amazon App store in Microsoft Store.

Android apps on Windows 11

The Amazon App Store has a catalog of around 500,000 popular apps like Instagram, Outlook, Netflix, Uber, and more. But you can’t find official Google-made apps like Gmail, YouTube, etc. But here every app from the Amazon App Store will not run on Windows 11. Only initial Apps will be available for Windows 11 later this year. this feature is not official yet.

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Android apps on Windows 11 Leaked

A new leak from China has given us a first look at Windows 11’s Android apps running via the new subsystem. According to posts on a Chinese forum, Microsoft is testing Android Subsystem for Windows 11, and leaked screenshots confirm rumored features, including notification center integration and multiple window support.

Android apps on Windows 11

From the screenshots, we can see the multi-window support feature, which means users will be able to open pages of supported apps in multiple windows. And as Microsoft showed in their demo, these applications also can be pinned to the Start and Taskbar. And we can see the proof in this screenshot.

native support of android apps

To run these apps, users will reportedly need the Windows 11 Build 22000 or newer. In fact, the App Store is displayed on devices with Build 22000 only, and it won’t work on Windows 10 October 2021 Update.

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